Our nutrition center

Nutrition Center


We provide following services:

  • Provide break fast
  • Simply workout
  • Daily Diet plan
  • Individual counselling
  • Followups

Break fast


Provide healthy & Smoothy break fast which has :

  • 114 nutrition. 
  • Soy protein based
  • 19 essential Vitamins
  • Low calories, Fat & Sodium
  • Delicious flavor: Vanila, Kulfi, Orange, Mango, chocolate etc.

Simply work out


We will guide for simply work out to our customer.  This session will helps: 

  • to those who never get chance to work out during the day. 
  • to maintain body fitness 
  • 20% exercise will get required results faster

Daily Diet plan


We provide balance diet plan on daily basis to our esteem customer

  • We should know what to eat, how to  eat and when to eat
  • This helps to get faster and better results
  • The plans are vary person to person based on the body parameter.

Individual Counselling


We love to hear from our customers 

  • Understanding customer needs is our priority. 
  • We discuss daily improvement and changes happening in to their body
  • Guide them wherever require



We followups with our customer on regular interval basis to check whether following plan which we shared with them.